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Our Services

Chasm continues to emerge as a topnotch, design firm that offers a phenomenal service to great clients who expect great architecture.


Architecture is the core of Chasm’s design practice and the reason why we exist. We believe architecture at its best is functional art that can be inhabited and used by people for shelter, commerce, and the enjoyment of life. As such, architects and designers at Chasm strive for functional aesthetic beauty, with symbolic depth and high understanding of a structure’s use and environment.

Interiors and Furniture/Fixture Design

Interior design serves many functions. It is visually pleasing and increases productivity. It enhances brand and it increases both public and employee satisfaction. Chasm strives to design interior environments that are well suited to programmatically prescribe activities that promote interactivity, collaboration and efficiency in visually striking surroundings. Chasm inspired interiors are designed to be places that mirror the organizations and individuals that inhabit them, utilizing lighting, finishes, fixtures and furniture to cohesively address design objectives.


Organization and planning is a fundamental part of creating any composition or design. The thoughtful organization of space, land and buildings not only establishes a visual composition, but can directly affect the success of a development, campus, neighborhood, or city.


Organizations have values, a message, products and a culture that make them special. Those qualities can have emotional and iconic value that can strategically position an organization for success. For those groups, an instantly recognizable public identity is of paramount importance.