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Chasm Architecture was named in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer newspaper.

January 18, 2018

Chasm Architecture had the opportunity to participate in one of NEF’s programs for high school students.   Lynn Logan, Chasm’s Project Accountant and member of NAWIC asked the Architects at Chasm to judge this year’s CAD Design competition that NAWIC Atlanta was sponsoring.  “The CAD Design/Drafting program brings real world drafting problems to the classrooms of high school students in grades 9-12”.

Each year a design problem is created by a licensed architect or engineer and presented to high school students as a computer-aided design competition.  This year’s design was a single-story freestanding dental clinic that had to be a minimum of 3000 square feet with at least 14 parking spaces and fit on a site plan of roughly 1.5 acres. When designing their building, students were asked to consider the wants and needs of the client and the architectural elements of the adjacent residential neighborhood this building would be located in.  The students presented drawings that included site plans with roof design, floor plan, exterior elevations, building and wall section and electrical plan.

Chasm’s Architects reviewed and judged the drawings of 13 students from Chapel Hill High School in Douglasville and Jordan Vocational High School in Columbus. Chasm’s judges see each entrant’s design with only a number as their identification so their name, school and demographics are not revealed.  These students were given points based on client needs, special design features, spelling and grammar, line weights and lettering, placement and presentation, orientation and accuracy, creativity, electrical, plumbing, materials used and optional drawings the students included.

Abiyerra Thomas, an eleventh grader from Jordan Vocational High School, received the most points from the judges and was declared winner of the chapter’s competition.  Chasm’s judges said it was the sky lights she incorporated into her design that made her project stand out.   Abiyerra Thomas’s drawings were submitted to the Southeast Region for the next level of competition.  Chapters from Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Tennessee would submit their winner’s drawings to regional judges.  After the regional competition, each of the eight regions in NAWIC submit their winning entry to the national judges.

In May NEF announced the results of the national CAD Design competition.  NAWIC Atlanta Chapter’s entry from Abiyerra Thomas placed first in the competition.  Abiyerra’ s design was a 5200-square foot clinic composed of stone and brick with 17 parking spaces.  Abiyerra received recognition at NAWIC Atlanta’s 56th Anniversary Luncheon.  Lynn Logan presented Abiyerra with a check for $100 as NAWIC Atlanta’s chapter winner and a check for $1500 as NEF’s National winner.  Abiyerra is the first young lady to win this competition in five years.

By: Lynn Logan

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