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June 4, 2020

The human body is fragile.

But the human spirit is UNBREAKABLE!

When a multitude of empathetic humans allow themselves to tap into humble compassion towards others, then we can move beyond the slow evolution of a nation and exponentially create an existence for which we are destined to live in as Americans. This act requires an honest commitment to what is real, both tangible and intangible. 

We cannot establish ourselves as a country of national equity for the future, while blatantly denying the inequities of the past. Awareness and a sincere acknowledgment of police brutality and racism should not have required the senseless and brutal murders of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and thousands of other unknown Black men and women to make the masses realize social injustice and inequality both, still thrive in America.

It is exhausting to be apologetic for being intelligent, talented, powerful, kind, and absolutely beautiful, all while being Black.

For those who say they understand the plight of the Black man and race to employ empty corporate statements that will fizzle after the next major news story surfaces means nothing. Leadership must be willing to fully commit to and implement corporate cultures devoid of hate-filled and disrespectful processes and individuals.

Neither the perspective nor the conversation can be one-sided, and apologies are unwanted if actions do not exceed words that eventually fade.

As a Black-owned and operated design firm, Chasm stands strongly against all racial injustices. We must each operate outside of our comfort zone to improve the nation we each call home.

Should you want to discuss this and much more, we created Chasm Academy in January 2020 to openly cultivate and mentor the next leaders within the design profession. Recent events, and quite honestly events that have been ongoing for centuries, have made it clear that there is a much broader, deeper conversation that must be had!

Let us begin!

Nathaniel O. Clark

Father of Three Exceptional Black Children

Chasm (n) a sudden interruption in continuity, symbolizing the evolution of new ideas…


March 8, 2019

Each year Chasm staff gathers in our Atlanta corporate headquarters for our “Annual Kick-Off Meeting. It is an opportunity for our talented team to collectively refine the culture of the firm by reflecting upon our values, qualities, commitment to our professional development as well as our ascending position as a leader in the design industry. Our first day together consisted of a thorough and open discussion of how Chasm was founded two years before the recessions and how we have successfully and exponentially grown year after year since that tumultuous period. And then we ate! Following the feast, the staff who didn’t have kid duty, went to Top Golf, which is a five minute walk from our office.

Day two represented the continuation of our discussion on firm culture and how we, as a team, believe Chasm must maintain a constant state of evolution to build an international brand.  The two day event concluded with VIP level service provided by State Farm Arena and the Hawks Organization at the Lakers Game! Much gratitude to Joe Buda and Thad Sheely, COO of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena for executing a perfect night in the lofts!

In addition and as another surprise to the staff, Nathaniel invited friend and Academy Award winner, Lou Gossett, Jr. to join the staff in the suite for the evening.  The Kick-Off was a tremendous success! The Hawks defeated the Lakers 117-113, Chasm staff had a wonderful time with a spread fit for royalty, the Hawks raffled off hats and a signed jersey during a Hawks “Trivia” Session,  and we all had an opportunity to sit, talk and take pictures with a living legend, Louis Gossett Jr.

Here’s to 2019!

Now let’s see what Nate can come up with for 2020….hmmmm…can’t wait!

By the way, we’re Hiring!!


Chasm Architecture, LLC.

January 30, 2019

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday is unique in that it resonates with the best of who we are and allows us to put it into practice.

Chasm Architecture celebrated and honored Dr. King’s legacy by participating in the MLK National Day of Service. In our ongoing commitment to volunteerism and civic engagement, team members dedicated their day off to doing house repairs, as well as yard work for elderly homeowners who did not have the physical and/or financial means to complete themselves. Overall it was an experience that our staff expressed was empowering, inspiring and purposeful.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Stephanie V. Jones


January 19, 2019

2018 was an exciting year for Chasm Architecture. Because of our continued growth and success, we welcomed four new team members. We remain committed to excellence and creating design, along with an overall client experience that has manifested in new clients, as well as repeat business.


Stephanie V. Jones


January 19, 2019

As Chasm Architecture continues to evolve as a leading brand in the Architectural industry, making a greater impact beyond design is important. Connecting to and establishing a presence within the communities we serve through civic engagement is one of our company-wide goals. Chasm stepped up in a huge way as a Toys for Tots site. Toys for Tots goal is to collect and distribute gifts to less fortunate children at Christmas.  Our team approached this effort with great enthusiasm! Our box overflowed with toys and a lucky boy and girl awakened Christmas morning with brand new bikes under their tree!


Stephanie V. Jones


January 19, 2019

And The Winner Is…..

Chasm Architecture’s mission is to consistently execute creative and award-winning design, even if it’s just for fun! During the holiday season, the team successfully collaborated in the gingerbread house competition sponsored by Stream Realty Partners. Judging took place during the annual Holiday Dessert Social at The Ellsworth, home to Chasm’s corporate office. The team brought their talent and imagination to the challenge and claimed victory!


Stephanie V. Jones


January 19, 2019

Nathaniel Clark was the recipient of the 2018 “Star Award” at NAMC’s Annual Hard Hat Awards ceremony. The Hard Hat Awards celebrates champions and leaders in the construction, architectural and engineering industries. Nate certainly personifies the meaning behind this honor, as it recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional leadership and contributions to their profession, as well as become a serious competitor in the marketplace. This will undoubtedly be one of many recognitions he and Chasm Architecture will receive for years to come.


Stephanie V. Jones


October 17, 2018

Stephanie Jones is the new Director of Project Development for Chasm Architecture. Prior to joining Chasm, she served as a Sr. Project Manager with Atlanta Aviation Associates (A3) supporting supplier diversity efforts for the multi-billion dollar Hartsfield-Jackson ATLNext Construction program. She has enjoyed a career spanning almost 30 years as a marketing, communications and event management professional in the A/E/C space. Stephanie has worked for major firms such as URS; Heery International; Barton Malow; Juneau Construction Company; and EYP located in Washington, DC. She also worked in the non-profit sector for a number of years.

She is a proud Georgia Bulldog; earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia in Speech Communications, as well as a certificate in Event and Conference Management through the University of Georgia.