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Chasm Launches 2017 with extraordinary staff meeting at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

March 21, 2017

Chasm held its three day, corporate retreat on February 22-25, in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm’s past achievements, best practices and corporate trajectory, were all critical topics of discussion. The strategic planning session created a forum where we openly discussed and agreed that each Chasm staff is responsible for a great work culture.

Our time together, included meetings, eats & spirts at our new Atlanta corporate headquarters, finalizing the in-house design and launch of our new website, working on a national competition submission, dinner at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse and flying around in exotic sports cars at the spectacular Porsche Experience at Porsche North America’s corporate headquarters. While each day was eventful our final day was phenomenal.

In the shadow of planes flying over Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the entire Chasm staff walked, in slow motion, to our individual mid and rear-engine Porsche cars where we were joined by twelve (12) professional Porsche Atlanta driving specialists.

Everyone learned how to properly handle Atlanta traffic via “Porsche Launch Control”. This is where one accelerates from zero to whatever speed you could reach in half a mile, stop on a dime and then are politely asked to do it again and then again. OMGoodnessGracious!

In addition, each staff experienced the low friction circle or donut drifting, and the kick plate, which simulates hitting black ice at 25mph while saying bad words and trying to control a skidding, multi-thousand-dollar car. Finally, we all enjoyed the handling circuit, a 1.6 mile, go as fast as you can without causing your instructor to go into cardiac arrest, Formula1 style track.

It was unanimous. Driving a Porsche, on a closed track, during work hours, and your boss knows about it, because he set it all up. Absolutely Awesome!

Each year we look forward to these three days. We reflect upon our accomplishments, and develop a strategy for years to come. In 2017, Chasm’s collective focus is high-level performance that yields an experience that exceeds expectations.

Can’t wait until next year!